Health in your pocket

NouraTM always recommends the kind of food your body is in need of.

This is the way to use it

NouraTM consists of a measuring device and a free smart phone application system, helping you to have the right nutrition.


Get to know what is actually happening in your body! Use the NouraTM device, that takes all the important measurements in less then 30 seconds!


You are the one who decides which food to choose. If you don’t like what NouraTM is recommending, keep on selecting until you find the one just right for you.

Enjoy your meal!

Explore New foods, new restaurants that you haven’t been familiar with until now, thus your body will appreciate them as well.

Multipoint and easy measurement

Take NouraTM into your own hands and touch it onto your other palm. The more points it touches the more accurate and precise mapping can be done regarding your body’s health condition. Take at least one measurement per week!

Recommended measuring points

Easy measuring

How does it work?

Biometric Sensors

NouraTM consists of 6 advanced sensors, that is unique amongst the compact health meters that fit in your pocket. Thanks to the Noura biometric sensors it acts as the mirror of your inner body, that gives you an accurate picture of your health status.


NouraTM with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyses the biometric data and the life style aptitudes. It defines what sort of nutrition is necessary and acts according to your taste and offers different recipes, or connects you to the nearest restaurants, food delivery, or shop where you can purchase the food you require – desire.

How can Noura be to your assistance?

NouraTM measures the real time needs and helps you to give your body what it requires. The proper nourishment will have a positive impact on your health.

Loss of overweight

Food allergic menu

Sport, wellness diet

Increase of body weight

Exploring if there is any food sensitivity

Vegetarian and vegan menu

30+ diet test

NouraTM provides 3 options to have access to the food you chose:

The choice is in your hands:


A NouraTM recommends recipes and helps you to prepare them successfully, whatever you require.

Home delivery!

With the help of NouraTM you can easily order from your smart phone whatever you choose.

Have a seat in a restaurant!

NouraTM will recommend restaurants whereon their menu you will find the food what you need and like.

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